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Concentration Calculator

The amount of solute in a solution that is relative to the total amount of solute in the solution



Percentage concentration
Mass per 100 g H2O


  • D = Density
  • c = Molarity
  • M = Molar Mass
  • mass of solution m₂ = 100
  • m1 = mass of solute

Defination / Uses

The concentration of a solution is the ratio of the solute to the solvent or total solution. Concentration is a term that describes the composition of a solution, most frequently a water solution, but may also be used to describe the mixture of any composition.

How to Calculate Percentage Concentration ?

  1. Enter the amount of Density
  2. Enter the amount Molarity
  3. Enter the amount Molar Mass
  4. In Result displays the Percentage concentration and Mass per 100 g H2O

Use the upper given formula for manual calculations. No sign-up, registration OR captcha is required to use this tool.