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Covariance Calculator

Covariance Calculator use to calculate x mean, y mean, covariance and number of inputs.



X Mean
Y Mean
No. Of Inputs


  • cov = covariance between variable a and y
  • xi = data value of x
  • yi = data value of y
  • x = mean of x
  • y = mean of y
  • N = number of data values

Defination / Uses

Covariance is a measure of the joint variability of two random variables in probability theory and statistics. The covariance is positive if the bigger values of one variable generally correlate to the greater values of the other variable, and vice versa for the lesser values.

It assesses the strength of a two-variable linear connection. Height and weight are the quantitative variables. When data is normalised, correlation is obtained in covariance. When the scale or location is changed, the correlation remains the same, but the covariance is altered. The approach behind the covariance and correlation calculator is to treat the relationship correctly and deliver accurate findings instantaneously. You can find an example covariance calculator on the internet, as there are many free sample covariance calculators available. You only need to look for the greatest population covariance calculator with probability that will provide you with precise findings.