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Cube Surface Area Calculator -Free and User-Friendly

Cube Surface Area calculator use to calculate digonal area, surface area and volume of a cube.



Surface Area
Diagonal Area





Surface Area


Diagonal Area

  • l = Length of the Cube

What is a Cube?

A cube is a simple 3D shape that looks like a box. It has six flat sides that are all squares, twelve straight edges and eight corners. Imagine a dice or a sugar cube – they are both examples of cubes. The sides of a cube are all the same size, and when you multiply the length of one side by itself three times, you get the volume of the cube.Cubes are used in math to learn about shapes in space and how to calculate their sizes, and they are also found in everyday objects like boxes and toys.

What is Meant by the Surface Area of a Cube?

The surface area of a cube represents the combined area covered by all six of its square or rectangular faces. It's an important measurement in geometry that shows the size of the cube's outer surface. The formula to find the surface area of a cube uses the length of its sides (l).

Why Use Cube Surface Area Calculator Tool


Calculating the surface area of a cube manually involves multiple steps, including measuring all six faces and adding them together. Using a calculator automates this process, minimizing mistakes and providing accurate results.


The calculator can handle different units of measurement (e.g., centimeters, meters, inches) for the edge length of the cube, making it versatile and suitable for various applications across different fields and industries.

Multiple Cubes:

Whether you're dealing with several cubes of different sizes or configurations, this calculator efficiently handles multiple calculations, aiding in comparisons and informed decision-making.


With a Cube Surface Area Calculator tool, users can easily input the required values like the edge length of a cube and get the surface area instantly, eliminating the need for complex mathematical calculations or formulas.

Interior Design and Furniture:

Interior designers and furniture designers use the calculator to evaluate the surface area of cube-shaped furniture pieces, storage units, and decorative elements. It helps in space utilization, furniture layout planning, and design optimization.

Manufacturing and Fabrication:

Manufacturers and fabricators utilize the calculator for assessing the surface area of cube-shaped products, components, and machinery parts. It helps in optimizing material usage, production planning, and quality control.

Mathematics and Education:

Students, teachers, and educators use the calculator as a learning tool to explore geometric concepts related to cubes, including surface area calculations. It reinforces mathematical principles, supports interactive learning experiences and aids in geometry lessons.

Packaging and Logistics:

Professionals in the packaging and logistics industry apply the calculator to estimate the surface area of cube-shaped packaging containers, boxes, pallets and storage units.This helps optimize storage space, calculating shipping costs and designing packaging solutions.

How to Use Cube Surface Area Calculator Tool

Using a Cube Surface Area Calculator is a straightforward process:

Enter Edge Length:

Input the value in the designated field of the Cube Surface Area Calculator tool.


After inputting the value, the calculator automatically computes the surface area, volume and diagonal of the cube.

View Results

The calculated surface area will be shown, providing an accurate numerical value.

Clear button:

This button that allows you to clear the input fields and start a new calculation. This button is helpful when you need to perform multiple area calculations or make changes to the input values.


If you are wondering how to find the surface area of cubes,, you're in the right spot – this online cube surface area calculator tool designed to compute the total surface area of a cube based on its edge length. A cube is a three-dimensional shape with six equal square faces, and calculating its surface area manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

The Cube Surface Area Calculator simplifies this process by providing quick and accurate results, making it a valuable resource for professionals, students and anyone working with cube-shaped objects in fields such as mathematics, engineering, architecture, and manufacturing. For quick calculation use our weetools. No sign-up, registration OR captcha is required to use this tool.