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What is CV and Resume?

A CV stands for curriculum vitae. It tells about the education of an individual, skills, hobbies, achievements, experiences and other relevant information. It is mostly used in academic and professional fields where people have to apply for jobs, grants, fundings and scholarships

On the other hand, a resume is used to apply for a specific job. Only job relevant information is added in the resume. CV includes different sections and achievements in different fields. It is more comprehensive and shows a person’s strengths and weak points.

What is a CV or Resume Builder Tool?

CV or Resume Builder is an online platform which serves and helps many people in making their CVs and Resume. Our Wee Tool’s CV Builder allows its users to customize their CV effortlessly. It has a wide range of templates and also has an auto writing feature. It has a lot of formatting options. CV Builders helps every person. No matter whether you are an entry level person or an expert. CV Builders are the tool to cater the individual across stages of life. They help you to show what you want to show to the recruiters

Why Do We Use The Resume or CV Builder?

CV Builders are designed to ensure simplicity and professionalism. It helps individuals of different stages and fields of life. The user-friendly interface enables the users to easily access and make an impressive resume. You can choose from a range of styling formats, layouts and colors.

CV Builders ensures that the provided information should be clear, concise and relevant. Our CV Builder also gives the option of previewing your CV or Resume before saving or downloading it. It also allows its users to link portfolios with the CV and export it into a shareable format such as docx and PDF etc.

Where Can We Use The CV or Resume Builder Tool?

It is most commonly and widely used paper and has many applications. Some are discussed here:


CVs and Resumes are mainly made for job applications. Job finders submit their CVs and resumes with a cover letter to showcase their qualities and potential

Academic Opportunities:

In the educational and research institutes. The CVs are used to apply for academic positions, research opportunities, scholarships, awards, grants and fundings. It makes it easier for them to achieve higher goals in their life.


Freelancers and independent contractors often make CVs and use them to show their skills. previous clients testimonials, their past experience and their expertise.

Promotions and Evaluations:

Many companies and offices consider the current CVs and Resumes of the employees in order to check their performance and expertise. They also use it while doing promotions for their employees.

Internships and Admissions:

Students that want to do graduation, they send CVs with their applications. It helps them to show their educational performance, research they have done and other credentials.

How to Use The CV or Resume Builder Tool?

How to Use The CV or Resume Builder Tool?


Open Wee Tool’s CV or Resume Builder and select the template you want.

Add Input:

Then add your credentials in the mentioned sections of the tools


Preview your paper after completing, customize according to your choice and download in your required format.


Overall good and impressive CVs help the individuals to showcase themselves effectively in the market. While finding and applying for jobs, grabbing academic opportunities, career development and getting professional recognition, it assists in many future opportunities. It enables its users to showcase their skills, experience, and achievements in a concise manner. In today’s highly competitive environments having a good CV in your hands is essential and it can only be possible by the Wee Tool’s CV Builder Tool.