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Dilution Solutions Calculator

Dilution of substance refers to the process of making any solution weaker or less concentrated



Volume After Dilution V2
Volume Of Solvent Added During Dilution V1


  • V1 = Volume of solution before dilution
  • V2 = Volume of solution after dilution
  • M1 = Concentration before dilution
  • M2 = Concentration after dilution

Defination / Uses

The term dilution of substance refers to the process of weakening or diluting any solution. It's a solution with a little amount of solute in comparison to the number of solvent in it. This is the polar opposite of the word concentrated.

Dilution is the process of reducing the concentration of a solute in a solution by mixing it with more solvent.


The amount of solute in a concentrated solution is relatively high.

Dilution and Concentrated do not provide quantitative data (numbers), but they are commonly used to measure solutions in a broader meaning. These words also don't indicate whether the solution is saturated or unsaturated, nor if it is strong or weak. When we talk about acids and bases, these last two terms will have different meanings, so don't get them mixed up. Use the upper given formula for manual calculations. No sign-up, registration OR captcha is required to use this tool.