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Double Decomposition Calculator

Double Decomposition a chemical reaction between two compounds



Equivalent weight of CB(EW2)


Defination / Uses

The first and second parts of one reactant are merged, respectively, with the second and first components of the other reactant in a chemical reaction known as double decomposition. This method of double decomposition enables us to identify the equivalent weight of both compounds and component ions. AB+CD—->AD+CB

Double decomposition, also known as metathesis, is a chemical reaction in which a portion of the first component is joined with a portion of the second. If a precipitate, gas, or water is formed, a double replacement reaction will take place. Choose two chemicals from the list above, and this calculator will tell you whether or not the reaction will take place in water. This is simply based on an inorganic compound's solubility chart. It is important to highlight that the results are not 100% physically right, but they do agree to a large extent. In case of manual calculation use the upper given formula. But, our online double decomposition calculator provides you more accurate answer than manual calculation. No sign-up, registration OR captcha is required to use this tool.