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Entropy Calculator

Entropy is a probability measure of a macroscopic system's molecular disorder.


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The entropy of a system is a measure from its order or disorder. The entropy equation, as well as the relation involving entropy and the second law of thermodynamics.

The second law of thermodynamics states that in every operation involving a cycle, the system's entropy will either remain constant or grow. The entropy will not change if the cyclic process is reversible. Entropy will grow when a process is irreversible.

For example, a bag of balls. You take one of the balls out of the bag and place it on the table. How many different configurations can you come up with for that ball? One method is the solution. What if we take two balls and pose the identical inquiry to them both? There are now additional options for arranging the two balls. We continue in this manner until all of the balls have been placed on the table. There are so many ways to arrange the bag of balls at this point that you might not be able to count them all. This condition resembles entropy in many ways.