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Ether Extract Calculator

Ether Extract is the laboratory test to approximate the total fat content of a feed



Percentage of ether extract


Defination / Uses

Ether Extract is a laboratory test used to estimate a feed's total fat content. It comprises waxes, pigments, and other lipids to a lesser extent. It also refers to the ether-soluble portion of a complex organic compound, which is primarily made up of fats and fatty acids.

This tool is used to calculate percentage of ether extract to separate fats from the sample. To estimate ether extraction, a moisture-free sample of feed is treated with a fat-soluble solvent. All of the fat, as well as other substances such as sterol, lecthins, and other volatile oils, are extracted by the solvent. Because this extraction only contains true fats, it is referred to as crude fat or ether extract. Use upper given formula in case of manual calculation. No sign-up, registration OR captcha is required to use this tool.