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Image to WEBP Image Convertor

Image to WEBP Image Convertor tool helps to transforming effectiveness images into the WEBP format.

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What is WebP?

WebP is an image format designed for web use. High-resolution images affect the website & make it lazy to load. To keep it loading fast, we use the WebP format of images. WebP images are smaller in size than png and jpg images.

Why use WebP images?

As we have said, WebP images are used for high-resolution images. The main benefit of WebP format images is that we can use high-resolution images without losing picture quality. There are many other benefits of using this format of images. Webp images are on average 27% lighter than PNG. It contains less memory rather than other image formats. It does not encrypt the resolution. We can make an image size smaller without losing image quality. By using our free you can convert JPG to WebP easily. This will save JPG as a WebP format. Other than that you can convert JPG to WebP, PNG to WebP, or any other format of the image to WebP image format just on a single click.

How to use the online Image to WebP tool? makes user-friendly & handy tools that are too easy to use. There are the following simple steps to use Image to WebP tool online.

  • Select the image file OR you can Drag and Drop the file into the online tool.
  • Now press the Download button to download the image.

Is this tool safe to use?

Of course! Our online Image to WebP Converter is a fully secure tool. We ensure security first. We can't display the converted data publically. The only user has access to it. All the converted images are automatically deleted from the server after a limited time. We respect the privacy of our users.

Does this tool require registration or a budget plan to use?

There are many tools on the internet that require registration or a budget plan for use but offer this service absolutely free. No Sign-up, Registration, or Captcha is required for using our free tools.