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What is JPG and PNG Images

JPG or JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Expert Group. This image format is famous due to its high ability to compress without compromising on its quality. It is used to store high quality images which have a lot of colors and elements in it. This format is specially used for digital images and web images. PNG images are known for their lossless quality. Image quality is maintained when they are compressed. This format is used for images with text, logos and icons.

What is a JPG and PNG Image Converter Tool?

PNG Converter is used to convert JPG images into PNG format. It allows its users to quickly change their images into desired format. JPG images are high quality and take up more space. In order to decrease their size, they are compressed. But their quality can’t be maintained during compression. So, they are converted into PNG formats which assure lossless compression.

Why do we use JPG to PNG Image Converter Tool?

JPG to PNG Image Converter gives its users many benefits. The PNG image format is useful in many ways. PNG format assists transparency. It allows its users to create images without background or transparent background. That's why it is useful in making logos, icons and graphical pictures. This converter tool can convert images from any format to PNG format. It is also suitable for softwares, applications and websites which supports only PNG file format. This tool ensures lossless conversion. It means that when your files are being converted, Its visual quality is maintained with utmost accuracy.

Where can we use JPG to PNG Image Converter Tool?

PNG Image Converter can be used in many industries. Some uses of this tool is as follows:

Web Development:

Web developers can use this tool to create and upload images of desired formats and maintain its quality. This tool is especially useful for maintaining the visual appearance of web images.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketers can use this tool to increase the quality of their posts. This tool can help them to enhance their marketing skills such as social media advertisement and email campaigns.

Graphic designing and multimedia production:

Designers use this tool to create and edit images with logos, icons and graphical elements. Media persons and content creators use this tool to make their content such as videos, posts and multimedia presentations more appealing. Our tool enhances their quality and maintains its visual texture across different applications and devices.

How to Use JPG to PNG Image Converter Tool?

The JPG to PNG Image conversion consists of simple steps:

Upload your file:

Open your browser and upload your image in our tool. You can also drag or drop your image. Then select a filter or quality that you want to gain. You can also edit it. Higher quality images take up more space and vice versa. Pick your desired format and click the “Convert” button.


After clicking, wait for a few seconds. Our tool will automatically convert your image into a PNG format from any format such as GIF and ICO etc.

Download PNG file:

When the conversion is completed, it will show you a download button. You can get your image through it. You can also copy and paste the output image. The input image will stay the same on your device. You can use both formats. The tool allows you to convert about 120 images to PNG format at a time and download all of them in a ZIP format.


Wee tool’s JPG to PNG converter ensures transparency and flexibility. It helps in getting lossless conversion. Converting a lot of images into a different format can be time consuming but this tool assists you. It can provide images in various formats within seconds. This tool is helpful for students, graphic designers, programmers or web developers, marketers and content creators. It is completely free and saves both time and effort.

It preserves the quality of an image while resizing. It is 100 % secure and safe. No email or password required, no subscriptions or software installation needed. It is handy, user friendly and easy to access.