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Online Trapezium Area Calculator

A quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides is known as a trapezium. It is also defined in some circumstances as a flat figure having four sides, two of which are parallel.





  • a = Parallel side 1 of the trapezium
  • b = Parallel side 2 of the trapezium
  • h = Distance between parallel sides

Defination / Uses

A rectangle with all sides equal, a rhombus with all angles equal, or a parallelogram with equal diagonals that bisect each other are all examples of trapeziums.

How to use trapeziums calcultor?

  • Just add the values in their corresponding fields.

Thats it! You will get your answer in just a second.

This calculator will help you to do quick and accurate calculation as compared to do it manually. In the trapezoidal rule, right trapezoids are used to estimate areas under a curve. On its longer base edge, an acute trapezoid has two consecutive acute angles, whereas an obtuse trapezoid has one acute and one obtuse angle on each base. A trapezoid with equal base angles is known as an isosceles trapezoid. Upper given formulla will help you for manually calculations. For quick calculation use our weetools. No sign-up, registration OR captcha is required to use this tool.