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What are PNG and JPG formats?

PNG is abbreviated as Portable network graphics. PNG images are known for their lossless quality. Image quality is maintained while they are compressed. This format supports transparency. This format is used for images with text, logos, sharp edges and icons.

JPG or JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Expert Group. This image format is famous due to its high ability to compress. It is used to store high quality images which have a lot of colors and elements in it. This format is specially used for digital images and web images. It is widely used for printing purposes.

What is a PNG to JPG Image Converter Tool?

A PNG to JPG Image Converter Tool assesses its users to convert PNG or any format to JPG images. It can convert different formats such as PNG , GIF, TIF, ICO and other raw images to JPG format. It is easy to use, free and completely safe. PNG format is very good in maintaining image visual texture and integrity. But it can't be compressed to a small size. In this case we require a tool to convert it into JPG images.

Why Do We Use a PNG to JPG Image Converter Tool?

No doubt PNG files play a crucial role in the digital world. They support transparency. PNG files also have some limitations as they are not made for hard copy files. They do not have CMYK color information. A professional printing company will never accept files in PNG format. So a tool is required to convert them into supporting format. PNG to JPG Converter tools do this efficiently in no time. JPG files are highly compressible and contain CMYK colors. So you can print these files precisely.

Where Can We Use a PNG to JPG Image Converter Tool?

PNG to JPG Converter can be used in many domains and has many applications. Some of its uses are explained:

Web Development:

Most of the sites and softwares supports the JPG file format as it takes up less space and increases the compatibility of their sites.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketers use this tool to make their online advertisement more swift and optimized. This tool will help to enhance the experience of users and clients.

Documentation and Social Media:

People related to education, healthcare, finance and media can use this tool to store and create documents, presentations, reports and projects. Social media influencers can use this tool to create content that can increase engagement and accessibility.

How to Use a PNG to JPG Image Converter Tool?

This online converter changes image format JPG and does not require any payment. It can convert up to 120 images at a time and also allows images over 50 MBs.


Simply upload or drag and drop the images in any format and click the “Convert” button.


After the conversion process, the tool will give a “Download” button


You can download your picture or simple copy paste it. You can also resize or crop the image and enhance its quality after the conversion process


Wee Tool’s JPG Converter is user friendly, easy to access and ensures your privacy. It converts files into JPEG format which is the most common format. Most of the softwares and applications support this format. It comprises less space and is easy to share on different platforms. JPG files take up less space, they are loaded easily and enhance the performance of web pages and other devices. Our tool is the best, reliable and easiest way to get JPG or JPEG files in no time.