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Unit Converter




What is the Unit?

Unit is a measurement of a quantity. It may be anything in this universe. Now, the global standard of measurement is the System International of Units (SI). We can’t use the same unit for everything. Everything has its own measurement units. For example, Weight will be measured in Grams. Because Weight has its unit Gram. But, we can’t measure speed in Grams. Speed has its own unit velocity & measure in meter per second.

What is Unit Converter & Why to use?

Conversion Calculator is a tool that makes your calculation easy. You can calculate the measurement of any substance in other units. By using our Unit Converting tool you can easily convert large calculations into smaller and vice versa. There are many unit converter apps available for androids and computers e.g. Pressure unit converter, Unit converter weight, Mathematical calculators, engineering unit converter and many-more. You can Exchange rates, and perform many calculations by using these.

How to use the Unit Converting Tool?

Let’s make it easy to understand by an example:
We are converting temperature in other forms. Let convert 100oC into the Kelvin scale. So, there are simply following steps.

  • Select the Temperature option from Tab.
  • Select Degrees Celsius on one side and Degrees Kelvin on the other side
  • Type the temperature value you want to calculate. For example 100o.
  • In output, it will show you the converted Temperature value 373.15o.

Our unit converter tool consists of many converting options like:

Acceleration unit converter, Area unit converter, Torque unit converter, Electricity unit converter, Energy unit converter, Force unit converter, Length unit converter, Light unit converter, Mass unit converter, Density unit converter, Power unit converter, Pressure unit converter, Temperature converter, Time unit converter, Speed unit converter, Viscosity, and Volume unit converter.

Is this tool free?

Yes! Our all are free of cost. You can use it anywhere, at any time and don’t need to download unit converter. No sign-up, No Captcha or Registration required for using our free online unit conversion tool. It will work fast & accurately. Not a single issue, you will be faced while using our free tools.