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Base64 is a binary to the text encoding scheme. It consists of a total of 64 characters randomly. In simple words, it is a security technique for programming code. Only computers or maybe some professional programmers can understand it. This is the way that we can secure our code by using base64 techniques. If you want that no one can copy your code then you can use this base64 technique. It always keeps your data safe.

About tool:

Image to base64 converter is a free online converting tool. It is used to convert images into secure code. Basically, it also increases the image size but loads faster. If you want to keep your image secure in coding, you can use this free Image to Base64 online converter tool. It is a free, quick, and very powerful tool. Import a PNG or JPG – get base64. The benefit of this is; a web page does not have to load an external image. Base64 encoded images become a part of the code Html.

How to use online image to base64 converter? provides comfort to the users; we make our tools simple and easy to use. Here are the basic steps.

  • Select OR Drag and Drop the image file to the image to base64 converter tool.
  • Press the "Convert to Base64" button to convert it into the base64 method.
  • Press the "Copy Content" button to copy all the converted base64 code.

Now, you can use it in your code. It makes your web site load faster than the previous loading. Many fast browsing websites use this technique.

Is the image to base64 a safe tool?

Image to base64 converter tool is a fully secure tool for every user. It is a very helpful tool because it displays the image Html code in these 64 characters instead of loading images from the internet. Your data is not displayed publicly. Only you can see your output data.

Image to base64 online tool is free OR any budget plan needed?

Yes! This online image to base64 converter is a free tool. We provide our all wee tools absolutely free for our users forever. No sign-up, registration OR Captcha is required to use this tool.