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Online Image File Compressor

Image File Compressor Reduce File Sizes of (JPG, JPEG, PNG) without compromising quality.

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This Image Optimizer tool is used as picture compressors so that your website runs fast by using low storage. A small size image used on a website is fast loading. Online Image Compressor tool can help to compress jpg and also compress jpeg images easily. Picture quality remains the same but reduces jpg or jpeg file size. All images that appear on a web page need to be downloaded by the browsers before they are fully displayed.

The main benefits of the image compressor is that website runs fast and page speed ranking gets high. In other words, if an image on a website is large in size, the site will load slowly and increase bounce rate of traffic on the website. If image size is small then the site will load fast. Page load speed directly related to SEO ranking. A normal site needs 3 seconds for loading a page. User satisfaction and happiness depend on site loading speed. 79% of visitors who are not satisfied with web page speed or performance do not visit that site again. Therefore, the photo compressor tool helps you to stay away from these types of problems.

The other benefit of the online image compressor is that we can store lots of images in our hosting storage. The other images have a large size. On the other hand, the compressed image has less size than the original one. So here is following an example of a png optimizer. Images that are compressed and see what size is before and after compression. Now you there is no change in image quality, only image size compressed.

Unoptimized (120 kb)
Optimized (52 kb)

90% of a web page consist of images. A lot of images are used on a web page. Leaving these images without compression can slow down your webpage. Image compressor tool at wee.tool will shrink size of jpg, jpeg and png images without losing image quality.