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Oxide Calculator

Oxide refers to a binary compound of oxygen with a more electropositive element



Weight of oxygen (W)
Equivellant Weight(Ew)


  • W2 = Weight of metal oxide
  • W1 = Weight of metal
  • atomic weight of oxygen = 8

Defination / Uses

A binary compound of oxygen with a more electropositive element or group is known as an oxide. Oxide is a chemical substance which contains oxygen and at minimum one other element. Oxides are widely distributed and easily available. The oxide of hydrogen is water. Sand and quartz are comprised primarily of silicon dioxide. Animals and plants create carbon dioxide as a byproduct of respiration.

The Oxide Weight Calculator is a free online tool that displays a chemical compound's oxidation weight. Oxygen weight is always half of metal oxide's weight. Our online oxidation weight calculator tool speeds up the process and displays the result in a fraction of a second. The term "oxide" refers to a broad and important family of chemical compounds in which oxygen is coupled with another element. Metal oxides are made up of a metal cation and an oxide anion (O2-), which react with water to generate bases and acids to form salts. Use the upper given formula for manual calculations. No sign-up, registration OR captcha is required to use this tool.