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Free HTML, HEX And RGB Color Picker Online

This tool is a helpful resource for obtaining the perfect color codes for your web content or images.

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What is a Color Picker Tool?

Color Picker is a graphical tool which is used to choose or select a color. It is usually in the form of a slide, spectrum or wheel through which we can select and choose the intensity of the color. It also has an input box where we can type the exact code of a color to find it.

RGB Color Model:

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue. These are the primary colors of light. All other colors are made by mixing these three colors. In the RGB model, colors are represented as the intensities of primary colors. Every color has a code that consists of three components. The value of these components depends upon the intensity of the primary colors. The values range from 0 to 255.

For example Red color has the value of (255, 0, 0), Green color has the value (0, 255, 0) and the value of Blue color is (0, 0, 255). Users can create millions of colors by just using different intensities of these three colors.

Hexadecimal (HEX) Model:

Hexadecimal model is abbreviated as (HEX). It is a 16-base numbering system, in which a color is represented by a combination of red, green and blue in a six digit code. This 6 digit code has 3 pairs. Each pair shows the intensity of a primary color. The value of these colors ranges from 00 to FF

For example Red color is indicated as #FF0000, Green color as 00FF00 and Blue color is represented as #0000FF. HEX is a compact and easy way to select and specify colors. It is widely used in web development and graphic designing.

Why Do We Use a Color Picker Tool?

Color plays a very important role in our lives. Whether we are developing a website, making a logo, editing a photo or designing our home interiors. They are used in every part of life. Having a perfect color that matches our theme is crucial to look professional. This is where we need a Color Picker to choose the right color. The HGB and HEX help us in choosing the exact color.

Where Color Picker Tool can be Used?

A color picker tool has many applications in daily life. Both RGB and HEX are widely used.

Web Designing:

Web developers and designers use this tool to find appropriate color for their website background, text, and other elements. RGB and HEX are used to design websites using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Graphic Designing and Image editing

Graphic designers, photo editors and photographers use softwares such as Adobe Photoshop and GIMP. These tools have color pickers in them which are used to choose, adjust the colors and apply gradient

User Interface (UI) and Printing:

User Interface (UI) designers make attractive and easy to use software and mobile applications. Color Picker tool is efficient for UI designers to create user friendly formats for web pages and softwares. On the other hand this tool is commonly used in the printing domain. They are utilized in the making of brochures, business cards, banners and posters etc.

How to Use a Color Picker Tool?

Open the tool:

First of all, open the Color Picker tool on your browser and select or choose your desired color. You can do this by simply locating the dropper on the color wheel, spectrum or slide.

Pick a color:

Select your color. After choosing , click on it. The tool will show its color code. This color code can be in HTML, RGB, HSV or HEX formats. You can manually change the color intensity.

Save or export the color:

Preview the color and save it. You can also copy its color code and paste into your project. You can upload an image and choose a color from it.


Wee Tool’s Color Picker is an efficient way to get visual outcomes of your choice. It is a significant tool for designers and developers as it helps in getting accurate color and texture. A person who knows how to get a perfect color through RGB and HEX color pickers, can utilize this tool in various ways. Our tools are 100% secure and precise. Our Wee Tools site offers a variety of easily accessible tools and services.