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Empty Line Remover

Empty line Remover is used to remove all unnecessary empty lines in the text.



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Empty line Remover is a free online web tool that is used to remove all unnecessary empty lines in the text. This tool will quickly remove the blank lines from the bottom, top or in-between paragraphs. It is a very helpful tool which saves hours of manual work to remove empty line.

Why we need an empty line remover?

Sometimes we have text included a lot of empty lines. Unnecessary blank line makes your document, blogs, assignments, or post ugly. This free blank line remover will remove all the extra blank lines from text, and make the text appealing.

How does it work?

Here are the following steps.

  • Paste the text into the text box.
  • Press the copy icon to copy output text.

You just need to paste the text in text area and the tool will automatically remove all the empty lines from the text. The edited text will show in the result box. Click on the copy button to copy the changed text. To add new texts, click the clear button.

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