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MD5 Generator

MD5 Generator is Protect Your Data with Secure Encoding for MySQL and other databases.



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Md5(message-digest) generator is very useful for encoding passwords, credit card numbers and many more sensitive data into MySQL or other databases. This is a very useful tool for PHP programmers, ASP programmers and developing on MySQL or similar. MD5 hash use mostly in software for security assurance that a trasfered file has arrived intact.

MD5 created by a string of any length and encoding it into 128-bit hash values. By encoding the same string always generate the same 128-bit hash output. The generated hash value can’t be decoded. It is almost impossible to decode the encoded string. So, that is why security wise this is fully protected. Mostly MD5 hashes are used with smaller string when storing password, credit card numbers or other sensitive data in a database just like MySQL. This tool helps to provide only a quick and easy way to encode from any string up to 256 characters in length to an MD5 hash.

Let’s try with an example:
Write a string in MD5 box and click on Generate. “This is my password” MD5 Generate the string “27406f62c3db0c5e010bb95b4aacbd85” that we can’t reverse to its original form.