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Easily convert XML data to its equivalent JSON format with our simplest tool. Save and share your converted files with preferred indentation options.




What is XML?

XML stands for (Extensible Markup Language). It's a set of rules that makes documents readable for both Human and Machine. It especially allows displaying the document on the internet. Online, XML is often used to move data through feeds and API calls. It's commonly used in various applications such as web services, data storage, configuration files and document representation, offering flexibility and compatibility across different platforms and programming languages.

XML Data Types

Here are following data types for XML:

  • String
  • Decimal
  • Integer
  • Boolean
  • Date
  • Time
  • Null

What is JSON?

JSON stands for (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data interchange format that provides a human-readable collection of information. It is easy to access and understand, making it popular for data storage and transmission. It's widely supported across different programming languages and platforms, making it versatile and efficient for data exchange between systems and APIs on the web.

JSON Data Types

Here are following data types for JSON:

  • Number
  • String
  • Boolean
  • Array
  • Object
  • Null

Convert XML to JSON with an Example:

Here is the XML code


Now here is our resulting output is shown:


Why Use XML to JSON Converter Tool


JSON is widely used in modern web development and API integrations due to its simplicity and compatibility with JavaScript. Converting XML to JSON allows for seamless integration with JSON-based systems and services.

Data Transformation:

XML to JSON conversion enables data transformation from a hierarchical XML structure to a more concise and flexible JSON format, which is easier to manipulate, parse and process in programming languages and frameworks

Reduced Data Size:

JSON typically results in smaller data payloads compared to XML, leading to improved data transmission speeds and reduced network bandwidth usage in web applications and APIs.


JSON is natively supported by many programming languages, libraries and tools, making it a preferred format for data exchange and serialization in diverse software environments.

Where Can XML to JSON Converter Tool Be Used

Web APIs:

API providers can use XML to JSON conversion tools to transform XML-based API responses into JSON format, enhancing compatibility and usability for API consumers using JSON-based clients.

Data Integration:

Software systems and applications that exchange data in XML format can benefit from XML to JSON conversion for seamless integration with JSON-based platforms, databases, and services.

Web Development:

Web developers often convert XML data received from server-side applications or APIs into JSON format for easier processing, manipulation, and rendering on client-side web applications.

Data Migration:

During data migration processes, converting XML data sources to JSON format can simplify data transformation and mapping tasks, especially when migrating between different systems or databases.

Data Visualization:

JSON is commonly used in data visualization tools and libraries. Converting XML data to JSON enables developers to leverage JSON-compatible visualization frameworks and libraries for data presentation.

How to Use Convert XML to JSON Tool

Using an XML to JSON Converter tool typically involves the following steps:

Input XML Code

Paste the XML code into the designated box within the tool's interface.

Upload XML File:

Uploading the XML file you want to convert into JSON format. XML to JSON Converter tools provide a file upload option where you can select the XML file from your local system.

Convert XML to JSON:

Once the XML file is uploaded, this tool automatically converts the interface to initiate the conversion process. The tool will parse the XML structure and generate corresponding JSON output.

View JSON Output:

After the conversion is complete, the tool will display the JSON output representing the converted data. This JSON output can be viewed within the converter interface ,downloaded or copied JSON output.

Clear Button:

This button that allows you to clear the input fields and start a new conversion. This button is helpful when you need to perform multiple XML files conversions or make changes to the input values.


An XML to JSON Converter is an online tool designed to convert data from Extensible Markup Language (XML) format to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.The XML to JSON Converter simplifies the process of converting XML data structures into JSON objects, making it easier to work with data in modern web applications and services.

Whether you're a developer, organization or individual seeking to optimize data handling and integration, this tool serves as a valuable resource. With its secure and user-friendly interface, converting XML to JSON becomes a seamless process, enhancing the functionality and compatibility of your applications.For quick calculation use our weetools. No sign-up, registration OR captcha is required to use this tool.