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Protein Creatinine Ratio Calculator



Protein Creatinine Ratio


Defination / Uses

The protein creatinine rate calculator determines proteinuria grounded on a spot urine sample. Urine protein creatinine rate( UPCR) helps to identify cases with nephrotic range proteinuria and contributes to the webbing of cases at threat of order complaint.

Proteinuria is honored as an independent threat factor for cardiovascular and renal complaint, and as a predictor of organ damage, still, the reference test, a 24- hr urine protein estimation, is known to be unreliable.

There are only two variables needed to estimate the rate of urinary protein excretion. You don't need to know the urine volume or output for the calculation of UPCR, just the

  • Urine protein (expressed in mg/dL)
  • Urine creatinine ( expressed in mg/dL)