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Urea Reduction Ratio



Protein Creatinine Ratio


  • URR = Urea Reduction Rate
  • Upre = Urea level before the dialysis
  • Upost = Urea level after the dialysis

Defination / Uses

The URR is an condensation for the urea reduction rate- we can also call it the urea reduction chance( PRU). You should measure it every month or on every 12th dialysis session.

URR is a simple system for assessing the quality of dialysis( a life- saving treatment used in the final stage of order failure). It's directly connected to the case's outgrowth. The URR assesses the capability of the dialysis to exclude the waste products from the blood. Because of its simplicity, this rate can also be used for colorful comparisons, within one case's results or the entire nations' dialysis norms.

The studies have verified that cases with lower than acceptable URR values had more health problems and a lesser threat of death.

What can we do to increase the URR?
  1. Increase time on dialysis
  2. Increase blood inflow through the dialyzer- it's the case of both the dialyzer and the quality of the case's blood vessels.
  3. Find and eliminate any circulation problems