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PDF Merger is merge multiple Pdf files into a single file in Just One Click!

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What is a PDF Merge Tool?

PDF Merge Tool is an online tool which is used to combine various files into a single document. It is a very flexible tool. It can convert particular pages of various documents into a single PDF and multiple files in different PDFs. You can also select an entire folder instead of selecting PDFs in a folder one by one. This tool will automatically convert all the files in that folder into a single PDF. This feature saves a lot of time and effort especially when we are tackling large folders.

Why Do We Use The PDF Merge Tool?

Manually merging the files can take a lot of time, PDF Combiner is a convenient and efficient tool that saves both time and effort. This tool helps the users to properly organize the file and documents and which in turn reduce the risk of blunders. It also offers many customization options such as page size and page orientation.

You can customize the orders of the pages and choose specific pages to merge. You can also preview the output file before the combining process and change the format of the output file such as in PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint and JPG files etc. This tool can also compress the file size of the PDF after combining and makes it easier to access and share. You can split, extract, combine, convert and compress the files in the same tool. This tool ensures smooth integration when working on projects and making presentations.

Where Can We Use The PDF Merge Tool?

This tool can be used in many ways:

Business and Administration:

Business men and administrators use this tool. PDF Merger is very helpful in making business projects, reports, and presentations. It not only saves time and effort but is also convenient and accurate. It ensures to remove the chance of mistakes and make every file easy to access.

Law Adherence and Regulation:

In the legal and law adherence situations, combining and managing a lot of papers can be difficult and messy. PDF Merger helps in organizing various reports and contracts easily.

Study and Research:

Students, tutors and researchers use this tool to combine lectures, projects, articles and research papers

Creative Projects:

Artists, designers and content creators can use this tool to combine images, blogs and graphics. It is also helpful in managing portfolios and digital publications.

Personal Usage:

Individuals can also use the PDF Merger tool for home management to organize their Bank statements, utility bills and receipts into a single and more organized file.

How to Use The PDF Merger Tool?

Using this requires no effort. Just follow these steps and you are good to go:

  • Input Files: Just select and put as many files you want into the input box. You can also drag and drop the files from your device. Then press the “Merge” button.
  • Combine: Our tool will merge your files in a moment automatically. You can also choose which page you want or not. The tool allows you to preview the merged PDF.
  • Download: After combining, “Download” button will appear. You can download the merged file from there.


Wee Tool’s PDF Merger is just like a magical stick to assemble and organize the files. Whether you are studying, making presentations, doing research or managing business projects it is a handy and accessible tool to everyone. This saves time, keeps things organized and makes it easier to work with others on projects and business contracts. It is a reliable and secure tool. You don't have to sign up, install a software or subscribe to anyone. Just open the tool on the browser and use it. Your data is 100% safe and secured. It was deleted automatically from our site after 30 minutes of merging.