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Percentage Increase Calculator

Percentage Increase Calculator is use to calculate increase percentage and its difference.





  • PI = Percentage increase
  • V = Value
  • I = Increase value

What is meant by Percentage Increase?

In mathematics, the percentage increase is the measure of the percentage change. It's calculated by comparing the increase to the original value, then multiplying by 100. To find the increase, you subtract the initial value from the final value.The formula to calculate increase is given by

  • PI = Percentage increase
  • V = Value
  • I = Increase value

What is Percentage Increase Calculator?

If you want to calculate the percentage increase from one value to another based on the original amount, the percentage increase calculator might help. It may be helpful to understand how to compute percent increase using the percent increase formula before using this calculator. These principles will be explained in further depth in the following sections. The concept of % increase refers to the amount of change from the starting point to the end point in terms of 100 parts of the starting point. If you divide the original value into 100 parts, a 5% increase means that the value has increased by an additional 5 parts.

Why Use Percentage Increase Calculator Tool


Manual calculations of percentage increases can be time-consuming and prone to errors, especially when dealing with large datasets. he Percentage Increase Calculator automates this task, providing results much faster than manual calculations.


The Percentage Increase Calculator is not limited to specific industries or applications. Whether it's calculating price hikes, revenue growth, or test score improvements, this tool can be used for different situations.


Human mistakes are common, especially when performing repetitive calculations. By using a Percentage Increase Calculator, users can trust that the results are accurate and reliable, eliminating the risk of miscalculations.

Retail and Sales

Businesses in retail and sales utilize these calculators to assess shifts in sales figures, discount rates, or profit margins. This assists in making informed decisions regarding pricing strategies and marketing tactics.

Where Percentage Increase Calculator Tool Can Be Used

Financial Analysis

Financial analysts and investors use Percentage Increase Calculators to analyze stock performance, track portfolio returns, and evaluate investment opportunities. Understanding percentage increases in asset values is crucial for making informed investment decisions.

Sales and Marketing

Sales managers and marketers use Percentage Increase Calculators to measure sales growth, monitor market share changes, and evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns. By quantifying percentage increases in sales revenue or customer acquisition, businesses can refine their strategies and allocate resources more effectively.

Academic Assessment

Teachers and students can gain advantages from Percentage Increase Calculators in assessing academic performance. By computing percentage increases in test scores or GPA, students can monitor their advancements over time and identify areas for improvement.

Health and Fitness

People keeping tabs on their fitness journey can use Percentage Increase Calculators to track enhancements in areas like weight loss, muscle growth, or stamina. Calculating percentage increases in fitness milestones offers encouragement and assists in setting attainable objectives.

How to Use Percentage Increase Calculator Tool

Using a Percentage Increase Calculator tool is typically a straightforward process:

Input Values:

  • In the input box, you will see two value options: the original value and the increased value.
  • Enter values for both options.

Output Results:

  • The Percentage Increase Calculator tool will automatically display the increased percentage and the difference result in the output box.


In the world of finance, business, and even everyday life, understanding percentages and their changes is crucial. Whether it's analyzing sales growth, tracking investment returns, or calculating salary increases, the Percentage Increase Calculator is a valuable tool. This tool simplifies the process of determining the percentage increase between two values, providing users with quick and accurate results.

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