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What is URL encoding?

URL encoding is a method used to convert special characters and symbols in a URL into a format that can be safely transmitted over the internet. In simple words, It changes characters like spaces or symbols into codes that browsers and servers can read without errors. For example, a space in a URL is encoded as "%20", and other special characters have their own encoded representations.

What is URL decoding?

URL decoding is the process of converting encoded characters in a URL back into their original form. In simple words, It undoes the changes made during URL encoding, restoring special characters and symbols for proper interpretation by web browsers and servers. For example, "%20" in a URL is decoded into a space, and other encoded characters are reverted back to their respective symbols.

Why Use URL Encoder and Decoder Tool

URL Compliance:

URL Encoder and Decoder tools help ensure that URLs follow the rules and standards, avoiding errors or problems caused by incorrect or poorly formatted URLs.

Data Integrity:

Encoding and decoding URLs help maintain the integrity of data transmitted via URLs, especially with special characters, spaces and non-standard letters or symbols.


URL encoding is a security measure used in web apps to prevent problems like SQL injection attacks. It changes user input into a safe format before using it in URLs or databases.

Data Transmission:

Encoded URLs are used for transmitting data between web pages, applications and servers, ensuring that data is transmitted accurately and without corruption.

SEO Optimization:

URL encoding is helpful in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because it changes special characters and spaces in URLs to make them easier for search engines to understand.

Where URL Encoder and Decoder Tool Can Be Used

Web Development:

In web development, URL encoding and decoding tools are important. They help manage dynamic URLs, form submissions and data between client and server scripts, making sure everything works well and stays secure.

Digital Marketing:

In digital marketing and SEO, URL encoding makes URLs that search engines like more. It changes special characters, spaces and non-standard letters into codes that search engines understand better.

E-commerce Platforms:

Online stores and e-commerce sites use URL encoding and decoding tools to handle product links, search terms and other URLs. This makes it easier for users to navigate, find products and ensures that data is processed correctly.

Social Media Platforms:

Social media platforms and APIs use URL encoding and decoding help manage links shared in posts, messages and comments. This makes sure that links with special characters work properly and are clickable for users

Emails and Messaging:

URL encoding is used in email messages, chat applications and messaging systems used to protect links. It makes sure links aren't broken or misunderstood when they're sent and received.

How to Use URL Encoder and Decoder Tool

Using a URL Encoder and Decoder tool involves the following steps:

Enter URL:

Start by entering the URL that you want to encode or decode into the respective input field of the URL Encoder and Decoder tool.

Select Encoding/Decoding Option:

Choose whether you want to encode or decode the URL by selecting the appropriate option provided by the tool

Initiate Process:

Click the "Encode" or "Decode" button on the tool's interface to initiate the encoding or decoding process.

View Results:

The URL Encoder and Decoder tool will display the encoded or decoded URL in the output field.

Copy Result:

Once the encoding or decoding is complete you can copy the result from the output field and use it in your web development projects, applications or data transmissions.

Clear Button:

This button that allows you to clear the input fields and start a new encoding or decoding process.This button is helpful when you need to perform multiple time checks or make changes to the input URL


URL Encoder and Decoder tool is an free online that converts special characters and symbols in a URL into a format that can be safely transmitted over the internet (URL encoding), or reverses this process by converting encoded characters back to their original form (URL decoding). It stops mistakes and problems caused by wrong or poorly set up URLs, which makes handling dynamic URLs, query parameters, form submissions and data transfer between client-side and server-side scripts in web apps simpler.

The URL is:

By encoding URL its change into:

By decoding the ended URL it’s changed into: