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Hemoglobin Ratio Calculator



Hct/Hgb Ratio Calculator


Defination / Uses

Both hematocrit and hemoglobin are measures associated with red blood cells and can be used to diagnose anemia or erythrocytosis.

Hematocrit is the volume chance of red blood cells in the case's blood, with normal value ranges 40- 54 for adult males and 36- 48 for ladies. It's assumed that the rest of the full blood volume is tube.

Hemoglobin is a protein contained in red blood cells that's responsible for delivery of oxygen to the apkins, generally measured in g/ dL. The normal Hb position is 14- 18 g/ dL for males and 12- 16 g/ dL for ladies.

Lower hemoglobin situations affect in anemia, generally iron insufficiency, B12 insufficiency or inherited, similar asthalassemia.However, use Mentzer indicator, If you want to distinguish between thalassemia and iron insufficiency anemia as the cause of low hemoglobin position.