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Link Extractor

It’s so difficult to count all internal links one by one from a website page. Wee.Tools got your problem’s solution. We made an online tool, by this free online URLs extract tool you can scan all the internal URLs of a web page. This tool helps you to extract URLs in a web page. This tool is 100% free and effective for seo work.

How does it work?

Link Extractor tool extracts all the web page URLs by using its source code. Select a web page that you want to scan. Just paste OR Enter a valid URL in the free online link extractor tool. Click the “Extract” button, Scanned URLs will show in the result section in just a few seconds. Press the “copy” button to copy the extracted URLs from the result area. No registration or login is required to use this tool, it is absolutely free.

This free link extractor tool supports extracting images and other URLs from a web page. The extracted web URLs are displayed in a simple list. This tool is very helpful for the Website users, SEO professionals, and online businesses. This link extractor tool provides them the facility to analyze the URLs from other sources. It is a fast and easy way to fetch all the internal URLs. By using this free link extractor from the website, you can directly paste the URL and extract its entire links.

We have developed this tool in such a way that users can easily understand the process and results of the tool. It is a user-friendly tool. Instead of providing a formatted report on inner links and outgoing links, the link extractor tool provides a plain text list of all links. Copy button allows you to copy all the extracted links in a sequence.

Our tool is 100% secure. We respect our users. Any input search that you enter we do not save and share it publicly. It provides you an easy way to filter your web page’s URLs.