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What is a pdf file?

Pdf stands for Portable Document Format. It is a file format developed by Adobe in 1990. This file format is mostly used for read only documents, so nobody can change the content of the documents.

There are multiple web tools on the internet to reduce pdf size online. Our free online pdf compressor tool fulfills all user requirements. It is simple, fast and user-friendly.

Why do we need to compress pdf files?

Compressed pdf files cover less space than large size pdfs and these files are easy to share over the internet. Sometimes we can’t share large pdf files online, by our online pdf file reducer tool you can reduce file size and share it where you want.

How to reduce pdf file size?

Here are the following steps to compress pdf online.

  • Select/Drag and Drop a pdf file.
  • Press the “Download” button.

Your file is compressed. Yes! It is simple, just select the file and download the compressed file.


Let’s explain with an example. I have chosen a file size of 378Kb.


And after compressing its size will be 317Kb. You can decrease pdf file size and download it just by pressing a single button download now.

Is this tool secure?

Yes! All tools at are fully secure. User data is not displayed as publically. Only the user has access to the output. Compress pdf file download link is removed from server after some time. Instead of buying expensive software use our free web tools. A simple user interface, no need for sign-up, captcha or price plan.

Simply browse our site “” to use any of our tools. You can also request a webtool by filling Request a tool form. We will try our best to fulfill your request as soon as possible.