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XML Sitemap Generator


Output provides a free XML (Extensible Markup Language) sitemap generator tool. The sitemap is a list of URLs for your website in the form of the XML. It allows you to add additional SEO related information about each URL. Such as the date when last updated. In simple words when you place the formatted XML file with a site map it keeps you up to date about which pages have modified and which not. XML format ensures that this information can be easily processed on different kinds of computers, applications, and systems. That is why the search engine won't have any problem understanding the sitemap files.

A site map is a way for organizing a website; identify the URLs and links under each section. The free website sitemap creator allows informing the search engines about important pages on your website. It increases the visibility on Bing, Yahoo Google, Baidu, and Ask, etc. All major search engines having an XML Sitemap will let Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others have up to date information any time you uploaded a new map file on your server. It is a document that helps Google and other search engines to better understand your website.

Generate a Sitemap for a website:

This free website sitemap creator is a very useful tool for a new website or content which is created by CMS, Pages have complex navigation, don't have desire Google page rank. This tool will help you to build a sitemap for your website in just 2 seconds. Type your site URL and submit it. Your XML file will be generated & downloaded automatically. Now, you can submit your XML file to a search engine. Attach the generated XML file with your website & keep your site up to date. An online free sitemap generator saves your time to create an XML sitemap file for your site. The submitted site map makes search engines easily find the Pages.

Understand with an Example:

Let's make it easy to understand the sitemap for you. A good site map serves as a roadmap, including many URLs. Suppose your website as your country, pages are cities, and the sitemap is the country map. You want to travel to a city then the map makes it easy to find the quick route. Same as that sitemap makes the search engine easy to find the page route.

Why is a sitemap important?

A free sitemap builder is an important tool, because of Google and other search engine indexes and ranks specific Web-Pages, not the whole website. That is why if your homepage is already crawled by a search engine; there is still a need to provide the sitemap to expose the other pages. The sitemaps can be very useful in establishing you as the source of content because it resolves the duplicate content issues.

Make sure your site is in the correct layout and properly uploaded to the web server before you attempt to verify it. Once you have created an XML file and uploaded it to your web server, and you want to verify it with the search engine, Google makes it easy by Google webmaster tool.