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Absolute Reticulocyte Count Calculator



Absolute Reticulocyte Count


Defination / Uses

The absolute reticulocyte count is a quantitative measure of the bone gist's product of new red blood cells. It's used as a marker of red cell product and helps in distinguishing hypo- and hyperproliferative anemias. The normal reticulocyte count in a healthy person is 26- 130 cells/ μL.

  • In an anemic case, a advanced than normal position of reticulocytes can indicate an applicable elevation of red blood cell product as a response to the anemia. A veritably high number of reticulocytes in the blood can be described as reticulocytos.
  • A low reticulocyte position informs us about a dropped bone gist response. It can be convinced by chemotherapy, aplastic anemia, nocuous anemia, bone gist malice, problems of erythropoietin product, colorful vitamin or mineral scarcities( iron, vitamin B12, folic acid), and habitual complaint countries( anemia of habitual complaint).