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Anion Gap Calculator



Anion Gap


  • Na⁺ = Sodium
  • Cl⁻ = Chloride
  • HCO₃⁻ Bicarbonate

Defination / Uses

In blood serum, the total number of cations ( positive ions) should be equal to the total number of anions ( negative ions), so that the overall electrical charge is neutral. Still, routine tests don't measure all types of ions. The anion gap is the difference between the measured cations and anions. It's representative of how numerous ions aren't reckoned for by the lab measures.

Its helps you estimate the anion gap grounded on sodium (Na ⁺), chloride (Cl ⁻), and bicarbonate (HCO ₃ ⁻) situations measured in blood serum. In advanced mode, there's an option to input potassium (K ⁺) and albumin situations to get a more accurate result or to see the anion gap corrected for albumin.