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What are JPG Images?

JPG (Joint Photographic Group) images are often used in digital cameras and photographic types of devices. And now JPG is the most used image format in websites and also in Graphic designing, we can preview the JPG images on any device. This image format takes up very little storage space and is quick to upload or download.

What are PNG images?

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic. PNG also has the ability to display transparent backgrounds. PNG doesn’t lose detail and quality after image compression. provides a free tool to convert jpg into png online quick and easily. Website logos are mostly in Png format. If you have a logo image in Jpg format, convert it into Png by using this tool.

How to use Jpeg to png converter tool?

  • Select the jpg image/images.
  • Choose a target color to make it transparent.
  • Check the Transparent Background option.
  • Now press the "Download" button.

Mostly, Jpg images are used as website’s background. By compression, it loses the image quality. Otherwise, Png file can be compressed without losing its quality. The file size may be decreased but it makes no effect on image quality. The Png image format is now very popular and can be open in any device & web browser. A PNG file supports a larger range of colors than GIFs do, which makes them perfect for colorful, high-resolution images.

Is this tool secured?

Yes! Our are fully secured and user-friendly. Use any Jpg image to convert to png file by using this tool. No sign-up, Captcha, or registration required to use our tools. Only user has access to the download link. No link encryption occurred while downloading and fetching the file.