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MAP Calculator



Mean Arterial Pressure
Pulse Pressure


  • MAP = The mean arterial pressure
  • SBP = The systolic blood pressure
  • DBP = The diastolic blood pressure

Defination / Uses

The mean arterial pressure ( Chart) is defined as an approximation of the time- saddled normal for blood pressure in large system highways during the cardiac cycle. It's directly related to the cardiac affair.

What exactly are the systole and diastole? To put it simply, systole is the compression phase in the mortal heart, when blood is pumped from the heart to the rotation. During the diastole phase, also called a relaxation phase, the ventricles are filled with blood. Blood pressure is much advanced during the systole than during the diastole.
The diastole phase corresponds to two-thirds of the cardiac cycle, while the systole phase occupies only one-third. This is why Chart isn't calculated as an computation normal, but rather as a weighted normal.