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Oxygenation Index Calculator



Oxygenation Index (OI)


  • FiO2 = Fraction of inspired oxygen
  • MAP = Mean Airway Pressure (MPaw)
  • PaO2 = partial pressure of the oxygen in the arterial blood

Defination / Uses

We use the Oxygenation Index to determine the breathing capacity of thepatient. it's normally used alongside other formulas that calculate the parameters of mechanical ventilation. It gives the croakers a better view of the condition of the case's pulmonary system and facilitates distinctive and treatment conclusions. It's also an productive tool when used to prognosticate the unborn outgrowth and performance of the case.

What does FiO ₂ stand for?

FiO ₂ stands for a bit of inspired oxygen, which is the quantum of oxygen present in the air we breathe by. It's especially pivotal for ferocious care cases, where the croaker can regulate this parameter instinctively and must cover it precisely.

In medication, oxygenation is the process of adding oxygen to a person's blood. It depends on the quantity of gas gobbled, the attention of oxygen in it, as well as the cellular or fluid hedge present in the lungs.

Oxygenation may be the physiological way- through the lungs- or by use of a state- of- the- art machine- known as Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation( ECMO). You can suppose of ECMO as an artificial, short- term relief of the mortal lungs and heart.