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Plagiarism Checker tool is used to quickly determine the originality of your content.

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Wee tools Provides a free online plagiarism checker tool which is what are you looking for. You want to check student's assignments copied text. This is the best tool ever to check plagiarism in text. This tool searches all the copied data on the billions of websites on the Internet and shows its results in just a few seconds. It shows how much data is copied, and unique. This free online plagiarism checker with percentage also allows users to view the plagiarized and unique text in percentage. If copied text is found in the document, the tool will display original site links where from the copied text is derived.

How to use it?

There are only two easy steps:

  • Paste your text into the box.
  • Click on the“check plagiarism”button.

A plagiarism tool saves most of your precious time instead of reading and searching for all the copied data. Free plagiarism tool has the ability to view the copied data with the original site link. Before submitting any document it will be beneficial for you to use this tool.

What should you do if you found plagiarism?

You should replace the copied text with new text. Rewrite the plagiarized text. So, in this way, there will be no copyright issue in text. When you are including any idea from any other source in your own word then there is no reference need. But if you are including someone's word same in quotes then the reference will need otherwise it is included in the copyright context. This plagiarism checker is designed to help and improve your writing skills.

This is the free plagiarism checker for students and teachers. They can get advantages from our free online plagiarism tool by checking assignments for plagiarism and grammar free mistakes. You can check essays, blogs, posts, and assignments that may be copied from other students or websites. So, by checking their work in an essay plagiarism checker they can rewrite or make changes in text. You can be 100% sure that your text is unique and not copied. Plagiarism Detector is a free, smart, and easy tool. It doesn't matter you are a student or a professional; this tool is beneficial for everyone.