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Albumin Creatinine Ratio Calculator





Defination / Uses

Albumin-to-creatinine rate serves as a sensor of elevated protein situations in the urine (albuminuria), the first test to estimate order function. To perform these computations, the lab needs just one sample of your urine. A 24-hour collection, as needed for protein-creatinine rate, isn't necessary.

Albumin in the urine, also known as albuminuria, along with a low GFR (glomerular filtration rate) and a high BUN ( blood urea nitrogen) are signs that the feathers aren't performing well. Albumin is a small protein generally present in the blood. It helps maintains the proper bibulous pressure and transports specifics, hormones, etc throughout the body. In a healthy existent, no albumin should pass through the order barrier. However, albumin appears in the urine, and so it's a sign of order complaint, If it does.