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Sodium Correction Calculator



Corrected Sodium


Defination / Uses

This sodium correction calculator fixes the results of serum sodium (Na ⁺) measures that can be a little deformed in countries of hyperglycemia. The values demanded for the estimation are the case's serum sodium and their blood glucose.

Hyperglycemia-highblood sugar attention-water moves from the intracellular to the extracellular space to adulterate the redundant glucose. This shift can beget a relative drop in serum sodium position.

The equation was developed by Dr. Teresa A. Hillier and described in the article Hyponatremia: evaluating the correction factor for hyperglycemia in 1998.

corrected sodium level = serum_Na⁺ + 0.024 * (serum_glucose - 100)

In the advanced mode of the calculator, you can find an older version of the corrected sodium formula. It is an equation developed in 1973 by Dr. Murray A. Katz - Hyperglycemia-Induced Hyponatremia — Calculation of Expected Serum Sodium Depression.

corrected sodium level = serum_Na⁺ + 0.016 * (serum_glucose - 100)