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Counting words and letters on a page is too lengthy & lazy activity. provides a free online word counter tool for this kind of problem. This tool is used to count number of characters, words along letters with spacing, and without spacing. Get started by typing directly or you can paste text in the box. When you paste some text, it'll calculate all text and count words and letters separately. It will show the total character count, letters along with spacing and without spacing separately, and show you the total numbers of words and letters.

You can use this word frequency counter tool when you want to write a message or review within a specific number of words. This tool will show how many total words you have used in the text. This word count checker is a useful tool for people who write blogs, forums, and websites.

Magazine editors or publications often demand an article of a specific length. They have to print a lengthy article which will be fit in their magazine or newspaper. Writing assignments or competitions also have a limit for word editing. This word calculator helps you when you need to tell a story or review it in the shortest words. This tool can calculate the total words rapidly & make your work easy. In the absence of a computer, it was a difficult challenge to count the words and letters on a page or paragraph. Imagine a situation, when you need to count words quickly and you do not have any kind of word or character frequency counter tool that will be a difficult time for you. But now, the online word count tool makes it easy to handle this kind of situation.

Raw writing is available as a draft when we write an article. But to make it easy and short, word counter tools help us. In most cases, writers have feelings or thoughts and thrust into raw writing without knowing how words should be shaped. It contains a short story in lengthy words. Here word checker helps to rewrite and add the accurate word to short the story/article.